What to Expect

What to expect when....

...Taking Your Dog Home

When you pick up your dog he or she will undoubtedly be happy to see you after your trip. Following a few simple steps will ease the transition back to home life.

Over excitement may make a pet pant a lot and act thirsty. He is not really thirsty, and had plenty of water available at the boarding facility.

The transition from the water you offer at home and the water at the boarding facility my lead to digestive upset.  To ease this transition squeeze a few drops of lemon juice into the water you offer your dog at home.

Food: Please be aware that excessive drinking and eating may lead to Canine Gastric Torsion. Do not feed your pet for at least an hour after coming home from the boarding facility, and then monitor the food and water you provide until he has settled back into home life.

Walk your pet upon arrival or allow access to a yard area. Excitement may also cause a change in urination or bowel movements outside his normal schedule.

Give your pet some personalized attention, some play time or sitting and petting or brushing him will help him get through the excitement state and calm down.

Boarding life can be very exciting, and some dogs charge around barking at other dogs and having a wonderful time. These dogs often leave the boarding facility exhausted but happy, and sleep a lot the first couple of days they are home.  We like to call it the Pet Resort hang over.

Re-establish home patterns by following a normal schedule. Pets love following a schedule -- it makes them feel safe and secure.

...Taking Your Cat Home

After you pick your kitty up from the boarding facility, be sure to keep him in the house for a few days before allowing him to go outside. Just as he had to adjust to being boarded, so will he have to adjust to being home again. Allow him to find that "at home" feeling again before letting him out of the house.


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