Need a Getaway? // Doggy Daycare and Luxury Dog Suites at Bend Pet Resort

We know exhausting it can be when you have a dog who HAS to be a part of EVERYTHING. (Have you seen Louie the photobombing dog yet?) 

Take some time for yourself to recharge, by dropping your dog off at doggy daycare or even reserving a luxury dog suite for your pet's overnight stay.

Because sometimes you need a GETAWAY... whether a weekend away, a date night, or even some time to steam-clean the carpets in peace. Without your shadow following you around.

We're here to help. Whether your board your dog for an overnight stay in our luxury dog suite, or drop her off for a few hours at our doggy daycare, we can give you the peace of mind so you can relax.

We are proud to be a doggy daycare facility in Bend, Oregon. Trusting us with your custom pet care is such a privilege and an honor.

Drop off your dog at Bend Pet Resort for doggy daycare and vaccum in peace

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Ken Granacki
Ken Granacki