Let's get physical // Customized pet care in Bend, Oregon

We are proud to offer a little something special when it comes to your dog boarding needs. We understand how important the need for daily exercise is, which is why it is worked into every overnight stay here at the Bend Pet Resort.

Each dog staying the night with us will also get a chance to stretch their legs a bit and participate in 1-4 daily activities (walks and/or playtimes), as selected by you. This is all part of our customized pet care.

And the walks are anything but boring, too. Located on 10 park-like acres on the southeast side of Bend, Oregon, our dog boarding facility offers plenty of space (and scents) for stimulating walks for the dogs. Walks are on-leash and are about one mile in distance, lasting approximately 20 minutes.

We know that well-exercised pups make for relaxed pups, allowing them a more enjoyable stay here, as well as an easier transition back to your home when it's time.

Contact us to book your dog's next stay: www.BendPetResort.com

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Ken Granacki
Ken Granacki